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NGO "Fidokor"

Written by  ОО "Фидокор"
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1 Name of the organization Public organization "Fidokor"
2 Director Khalilova Dilbar Muhammedovna
3 Contacts: tel: in Dushanbe: 372248475, 935004735 (Dilbar Khalilova); in Kurgan-Tyube 322225664, 981092399 (Rustam Bahriddinov - programmes coordinator), 918404132 (Muzafar Avazov - Edication programmes manager)
address: 735140, 4 Mirzokadirov str., Kurgan-Tyube
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
4 Статус Republic Public organization
5 Date of establishment: декабрь 1996 года - местная НПО. 1 перерегистрация - 2001 год. 2 перерегистрация - 2003 год. Последняя перерегистрация - 03.12.2007, № 363А в Министерстве юстиции Республики Таджикистан
6 Mission Development of a civil society of Republic Tajikistan through the assistance to growth of steady public organizations and bodies of public amateur performance through granting of advisory, information, educational and other services by it, participation in the decision of problems of vulnerable groups of the population and groups of risk.
7 Objectives Development of programs for the rehabilitation, reintegration and social advancement of vulnerable groups, and other persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan (refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons, migrants)
Working with vulnerable groups (victims in emergency situations, people with disabilities, people living with HIV / AIDS, commercial sex workers, injecting drug users, persons serving sentences in prisons, migrants and people caught in traffic, others in need of legal, psychological, rehabilitative and other forms of protection)
The work with local population, to enhance their participation in solving social problems, decision making, conflict prevention, involvement in the development of social, economic, agricultural and other infrastructure
Organization of the process of adult learning throughout their lives in accordance with relevant regulations and standards of the Republic of Tajikistan
Providing of payment service for additional training and publishing activities in accordance with relevant regulations and standards of the Republic of Tajikistan. The resulting profits are spent in accordance with Article 31 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On Public Organizations"
Efforts to reduce poverty, create jobs, developing small and medium businesses
Receives and distributes aid in its sole discretion, in accordance with the recommendations of donor programs and
Monitor and evaluate projects and programs, NGOs, international organizations on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan on their own or in accordance with the agreements concluded
Carries out cooperation and partnership with public authorities at all levels, non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad, international organizations, business organizations and the media
8 1. Brief history of organization: Organization had successfully implemented more then 40 projects and covered several target groups not only in Tajikistan and abroad, here the projects/activities implemented by NGO “Fidokor” during the last five years: Strengthening the capacity of youth NGOs from Khatlon, Hissar and Khorog through creation and development of mobile theaters network (January - December 2011, supported by GIZ) and
The Youth Theater for Peace (YTP) (January 2010 - December 2011, under support of IREX):
During the these programs realization created several mobile theater groups in Vakhsh, Panj, Sarband, Jami, Hissar, Khorog, organized more then 200 theatrical productions in the most significant socio - economic issues, the overall coverage reached 10 000 people, mostly teenagers and young adults aged 10 - 28 years. Reinforced by the intellectual and human potential 4 youth NGOs and one initiative group.
1.10.2007 – 31.07.2009 – TUMAR PROJECT (CAAP/JSI) with technical support of POTENTIAL PROJECT (Central Asia program on control and influence on HIV/AIDS aimed at youth and vulnerable groups of population (CAPACITY): 1. Total coverage – is 1030 people, which include 880 IDU, 37 SW, 32 SW/IDU, 81 co-dependents. Twenty five people are taught on methods of outreach work with IDU, basics of client management, provision of low-threshold services. One hundred fifty employees of law enforcement agencies, heads of local and community committees, medical workers were taught on methods of prevention activities on HIV among the most vulnerable groups of population. Since November 2007 Public Organization “Fidokor” is a member of regional and city Coordination council regarding prevention of HIV, TB and malaria. A center for IDU was established. In average there were 35 visits per day. On the basis of the center, a professional or vocational training for IDU was organized (joinery and hairdressing training). Referral system of clients to medical specialists in cases if needed is arranged (narcologist and a surgeon). 9333 information-education materials were distributed among 4532 people. 3700 informational mini sessions were conducted for target groups. 120 000 syringes and 120 000 spirituous napkins were purchased and disseminated; regional HIV/AIDS center provided 35 000 condoms.
REGIONAL PARTNER INITIATIVE – is active since 2008 till present.
Under the frame of the initiative, partnerships with 50 NGOs from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey were established. Heads of NGOs and governmental structures from Russia and South Africa were engaged as experts of the initiative. Five educational thematic tours on sharing the experience and 5 conferences on elaboration of thematic projects were organized. Twenty grants were given for realization of joint projects. The size of each grant was $15 000 or more.
"MANBAI SAMAR" - SOCIAL BUREAU (European Union through AIDS Foundation East-West AFEW) – is active since 01.08.2009.
Target group is: vulnerable women, labor migrants, youth, IDU, SW, and PLWH. Priority region is Kurgan Tube city. 220 representatives of vulnerable groups of population were covered with prevention services and client management. Thirty informational sessions were conducted by Partner networking organizations’ staff. Partnership agreements were signed with 14 governmental and public organizations, as well as with mass media. Благодаря своевременному вмешательству и привлечению возможностей Партнёрской сети, предотвращено 9 случаев насилия в отношении уязвимых женщин. 12 женщин из целевой группы обучены навыкам швейного и кондитерского дела, оказана помощь в трудоуствройстве.
Пункт доверия и дроп ин центр для наркопотребителей. (UNDP/Global Fund Program to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Tajikistan) - from 01.11.2009 till present.
Target group: уязвимые женщины - наркопотребители. Priority region is Kurgan Tube city. Fifteen people are taught on outreach work with IDU, basics of client management, low-threshold services. Fifteen staff members are taught on methods of preventive work on HIV among the most vulnerable groups of population. The work of Coordination council related to counteraction to consumption and distribution of illegal drugs in Kurgan Tube city was strengthened. Five large-scale actions-events were organized for the occasions of Day of memory of people died from AIDS, Day to fight HIV, Day to fight tuberculosis, Day to fight drug addiction. Ten sport competitions were organized with participation of target groups and students of the city. A mobile theater group was also created out of students of medical college and IDU, who are clients of Trust Points; 10 mini theater performances were demonstrated in the microrayons of the city and nearby located villages. The topics of the performances were prevention of socially significant infections with simultaneous conduction of quiz games.
«OUTREACH ON THE GUARD OF HEALTH»/«Dialogue on HIV and tuberculosis» (USAID/PSI) – 01.05.2010 – till present.
Target group: vulnerable women, labor migrants, youth, IDU, SW, and PLWH. Priority region: Kurgan Tube city. 180 IDU and 240 SW received prevention client management services. 300 informational sessions and/or mini – training were conducted. Partner agreements were signed with 14 governmental and public organizations as well as mass media.
9 Structure Genneral Assembly (last - June 26 2009, renewed Strategic plan of Financial sustainbility and Plan of organizational development till 2015) ------- Board of directors (mixed, 2 NGO members and 1 represetative from outside) - Executive director - programme staff - Voluntiers
10 Staff 28 programme staff, 25 voluntiers
11 Covered Regions Khatlon Oblast, Dushanbe и RRS
12 Offices: in Kurgan-Tyube - own (3 training rooms, dinning room, kitchen, small typography); in Dushanbe - tenement
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