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Monday, 18 July 2011 22:43

Center for Arts and Education Programs “Soghd”

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Name of the organization

Center for Arts and Education Programs “Soghd”

Geographic focus

Soghd oblast. Khujand

Mission of the organization

The mission of the Center for Arts and Education Programs “Soghd” is to facilitate development of culture, arts and education, implementation of humanitarian programs. Protection and revival of cultural heritage and ethical norms, educational programs, developing open society, protecting cultural achievements of nations, living in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Area of activities

Sphere of culture and education



Managerer countries

Executive Director  Hakimov Naim Ghanievich


address, tel. number, e-mail

Tajikistan, Soghd oblast, Khujand

16 microdistrict (next to GAI).

Tel: ( 992 3422) 2 02 33, 2 02 44.

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Brief description of the organization and services offered

The Organization is registered April 16, 2009. CAEP consists of the following subdivisions: Library, Creative association of young designers “Art-albisa”, Model Agency “Suman”, Arts Center “Badakhshan”, Center for young journalists “Nido”, “Musik-art” Studio, “Soghd League of ecologists”, Study of modern design “Moni Art”


  1. Implemented
  2. Ongoing
  3. Planned

Implemented: Art exhibitions “Modern world of the Tajik costume”, “Atlasi tojik”, “Tajik national ornament”, “Tajik quroq”, exhibition “Stops”, Presentation exhibition of young artists “Tajik Sea -2010”, “Chakomai gesu” Competition, crafts exhibition “Golden embroidery and bugle work art”, “Traditional crafts exhibition”, young artists exhibition “Sayri lola”, Jamshed Kholiqov’s personal exhibition “Stops”. “Stops” Project was presented in the Central Asia’s exhibition slot at 53rd Biennale in Venice.

Educational programs: Master-class on “shibori” art; Workshop for lawyer on OSI SF Tajikistan Program. Workshop “Traditional hairstyles and finery”, Meeting with popular Tajik artist Jamshed Kholiqov. Presentation and lecture on “Project as an instrument of implementing creative ideas”, “New ways of artistic expression - photo, video, animation”.

International events: International arts festival “San-Remo”, Festival of Human Rights Documentaries «One World» - Czech Republic, “Bir Duyno” - Kyrgyzstan, “Yak dunyo” -Tajikistan. European week in Soghd oblast together with “Bactria” Cultural Center: tour of Molodezhny Theatre to Khujand with the performance “Confession”. Art-residence and exhibition “At the foot of Kuramin Range” in Taboshar.

Ongoing projects: International Eco-Cultural Festival “Aygul” – “Guli Surkh (Lola)”; Partnering project “Crafts development”.

Donors and partners

Our partners and donors:

v  Branch of the International Organizations Open Society Institute in Tajikistan, Swiss Cooperation Office.

v  Executive body of Soghd oblast government;

v  Cultural Center “Bactria”,

v  Central-Asian Network on Culture and Art,

v  One World,

v  Resource Center on Culture and Art,

v  “GIV-Accent”,

v  “Kova”,

v  “Amparo”,

v  “Furugh” etc..


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