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Monday, 18 July 2011 22:24

Public Organization “Sadoqat”

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Name of the organization

Public Organization “Sadoqat”

Geographic focus

Istaravshan, Soghd  oblast

Mission of the organization

Facilitate civil society development through improving women’s and youth lives, their involvement in the democratic processes

Area of activities




Negmatulloeva Nigora Barimovna


address, tel. number, e-mail

Soghd oblast, Istaravshan

735610, 13, Buston Street

918-201550, 92-8030102

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Brief description of the organization and services offered

Women public organization “Sadoqat” is registered March 1, 2002, its activity covers Soghd opblast, Republic of Tajikistan. Reregistered October 17, 2007. PWO “Sadoqat” is public nongovernmental organization, bringing together women, dedicated to contribute to sustainable high-moral well-off life for people, in strengthening its freedom and protecting women’s rights, speaking against all forms of violence against women.
The reason for founding “Sadoqat” was women’s public initiative, aimed at improving women’s and youth in the society and addressing serious problems, emerging in the rural area, such as unemployment, labor migration, growth of infectious diseases among children and youth, increasing violence cases against girls.

Main activity of the organization is aimed at two spheres:

Education and prevention – the organization conducts training and courses aimed at increasing women’s and girls’ role in the society. Training on reproductive health and family planning are conducted in the frames of the program. Initiatives of informing teenagers about such problems as drug abuse, early pregnancy, violence against women and girls are conducted. Awareness raising projects on family planning and STD have been conducted as well. Moreover, legal workshops are conducted in the frames of this program, particularly, organization of training on increasing legal awareness among women and girls of our region.

Practical courses – the program is dedicated to train needed capacity building courses to develop skills in girls and finding new job places. Tailoring courses, sewing workshops in Istaravshan are also successfully functioning, where girls improve their families livelihoods while furthering their talents and abilities. Tailoring workshop is a unique one in the region and it trains about 20 girls on sewing, embroidery thus offering their services to customers on a commercial basis. The program is an internal resource of the NGO and is an excellent demonstration of sustainability. Above all, girls integrate into the society through this program and develop their leadership features.

Sewing courses are also an opportunity for women to improve their livelihood and avoid economic and psychological violence in their families.




  1. Implemented
  2. Ongoing
  3. Planned

1. Core implemented projects: “Women and elections” ,"Learning our rights”, "Information about reproductive health through mass-media ", NGO "Gender and development", UNFPA, 
"Informing teenagers on reproductive health", Sewing workshop in Qalai Baland jamoat, English courses,
Increasing economic stability of vulnerable women,  Soros Foundation grant, Drug Demand Risk Reduction Program, Continuation, Educational Center for girls, Istaravshan, English Access Microschoolarship Program – Tajikistan

2.Core ongoing projects and planned projects: Increasing population awareness level  on reproductive health, focused at safe motherhood.


Donors and partners

Our donors and partners:


v  ADB,



v  US Embassy

v  OSI Soros Foundation

v  GTZ

v  Committee on women under the Hukumat of Istaravshan –informationa and education support

v  PO “Women against the violence”

v  Member of Soghd oblast Platform of Youth Civil Society Organizations (37 public organizations)



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