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Monday, 18 July 2011 22:22

Public Organization “Parents of handicapped children

Written by  ОО «Родители детей с проблемами в развитии»
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Name of the organization

Public Organization “Parents of handicapped children”

Geographic focus


Mission of the organization

-counseling to families having disabled children, on social and legal issues; provide psychological support to these families. Integrating disabled children into the society. Inform parents about importance of obtaining education and adequate fostering for disabled children.

Area of activities

­    Provide legal aid to families with disabled children;

­    Support children with disabled children in integrating them in the society.

-Organizing training courses for parents and their children, aimed at building their capacity, well-being and employment

- Attracting attention of the society to the actual problems of disabled children through round tables, actions, charity events, mass-media publications. Organizing talk-shows and broadcasting video-clips on TV.

­  Data collection, analysis, collation and passing recommendations to the local governments, legislative structures on improving living conditions, movement, development and education of disabled children.

­ Studying and introducing experiences of other countries on rehabilitation and integration of disabled children into the society and etc.

- Involving qualified specialists from other countries in order to increase knowledge level of local specialists and parents.

-Cooperation with other organizations working on the problems of disabled children and their parents.




Managerer countries

Muminova Nazira Tohirjonovna


address, tel. number, e-mail

735700 Tajikistan, Khujand,

209 Lenin Street, apt 48 .

Tel: (+992 3422) 4-19-41, (992  918) 84 90 30

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Brief description of the organization and services offered

Our initiative group is established September, 2008. It was registered in the Soghd oblast Department of Justice as Public Organization “Parents with disabled children” February 2010 with financial support from Branch of Open Society Institute Support Fund in Tajikistan. Its founders are 3 parents of disabled children, and currently our membership increased up to the 15 more members, who are also parents of disabled children.

Target group: disabled children and their parents.


  1. Implemented
  2. Ongoing
  3. Planned

1. Core implemented projects: In the frames of the “Establishing Association of parents with disabled children” Project in Khujand:

Visit of expert-psychologist Yanchenko L.V. from “SAMAL” Rehabilitation Center, Pavlodar (Kazakhstan), which conducted consultative and practical training on “Ways and methods of correction of children with cerebral palsy and other psychological deviations, psychological support to parents”. “Constructing special tools for disabled children” based on the workshop of the Vocational College №31 for the specialist from Sogd oblast and southern regions.

Core ongoing projects and planned projects Educational and social support of parents with disabled children

Donors and partners

Our partners and donors:

Partnership with Association of parents with disabled children of Dushanbe, Isfara, Khujand ПМПК, B.Ghafurov district

“PO “Ranginkamon”

IO “Operation Mercy”

German Volunteering Organization “SES”.

Branch of Open Society Institute, Support Foundation in Tajikistan




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