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Monday, 18 July 2011 22:18

Republican Information Education Center (RIEC) “Omuzgor”

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Name of the organization

Republican Information Education Center

(RIEC) “Omuzgor”


Geographic focus

Panjakent district of Soghd oblast, Republic of Tajikistan


Mission of the organization

Providing information, education, training support to teachers, schoolchildren, population of Panjakent and Panjakent district


Area of activities

Conducting educational events for youth and teenagers. English courses.



Sharofova Lyudmila Nizomovna


address, tel. number, e-mail

735500 Republic of Tajikistan

Soghd oblast, Panjakent

68 Rudaki Prospect

tel (992 92) 742 97 00

tel/fax (109923475) 5-61-69

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Brief description of the organization and services offered

PO RIEC “Omuzgor” is nongovernmental, noncommercial organization, registered December 2, 2002 by the Ministry of Justice of RT, registration № 1042, re-registered on 07.04.2007 by the Ministry of Justice of RT, registration №146. The organization started its activity since 1999. Its first activity was implemented through fees from parents. Then it received a few grants for working with youth. In 2010 RIEC “Omuzgor” underwent public certification.

Organization’s target group: students, schoolchildren, young teachers, youth of Panjakent and Panjakent district

Our services:

ü  Conducting training and educational workshops

ü  Conducting round tables

ü  Providing consultations

ü  Technical assistance

ü  Social partnership

ü  Volunteering

ü  Translation (Rus. – Engl., Engl. – Rus., Rus. – Taj.)

ü  Preparing schoolchildren for Olympiads, English competitions

ü  Work in hobby groups



  1. Implemented
  2. Ongoing
  3. Planned

Core implemented projects: “Training district schools teachers on modern methods of teaching English”, “Providing books with Russia teaching program for students of Russian classes of the secondary school №1”, “First-time voters”, FLEX PROGRAM.

2.Core ongoing projects: Currently we continue working with women, youth and schoolchildren, building capacity of young teachers, work with students on teaching English

Donors and partners

Our partners and donors:

v  Embassy of USA

v  Embassy of Great Britain

v  PO “Women of East”

v  PO “Madad”

v  Hukumat of Panjakent

v  Member of Soghd oblast Platform of Youth Civil Society Organizations (37 public organizations)


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