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Public organization Association of Public Organizations “Chorsu” of Muminobod District

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Name of the organization

Public organization Association of Public Organizations “Chorsu” of Muminobod District

Geographic focus

Muminobod District

Mission of the organization


Coordination of activities of public organizations in the District, assist in democratization process of the society and cooperation development with local government authorities, civil society, involving of society, protection of rights and benefits of public organizations

Area of activities

Strengthening of cooperation with local authorities and civil society, and coordination of activities of the local non government organizations



Not available.



Mr. Rajabali Bahromov, Chairman



address, tel. number, e-mail


Khatlon Oblast, Muminobod District, Mehrobod city, Temursho Rahimov Street 54

Mobile: (+992) 918 88 86 29

Phone: (83318) 2 11 00

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Brief description of the organization and services offered



The organization is established in April 2010, and registered in July 2010 in Legal Department of Khatlon District. The members of the organizations are the following 8 public organizations:

  • Ø Public organization “Mu’minobod”
  • Ø Public organization “Sadbarg”
  • Ø Public organization “Buston”
  • Ø Public organization “Guliston”
  • Ø Public organization “Vahdat”
  • Ø Public organization “Navruz”
  • Ø Public organization “Paivand”
  • Ø Public organization “Kuhsoron”

The organizations, members of the Association has a great experience in community development and cooperation with local government authorities, they implemented a number of projects under the framework of MSDSP and Muminobod Local Development Project/CARITAS for the last years.

Association has capacity to offer the following services to international organizations and local non government organization in implementing of their programs and activities in Muminobod District:

  • Organization and facilitation of meetings, round tables, awareness campaigns, collection of information and etc.;
  • Communication with local authorities at District and Jamoat level, self service organizations, government and non government organization working at the District.
  • Planning of activities;
  • Ø Priority analysis of community;
  • Community mobilization;
  • Project implementation.



  1. Implemented
  2. Ongoing
  3. Planned


Implemented projects

  • Assist in raising of legal awareness of vulnerable women through conduction of trainings;
  • conduction of outreach activities – meeting with youth at Jamoat level in cooperation with the Department of youth, sport and tourism of Khukumat District on prevention of sexually transmitted infections, drugs, and protection of human rights of labor migrants;
  • conduction of monitoring of the implementation of programs in the framework of Association;
  • conduction of joint meetings with participation of representatives from local authorities, government agencies, international organizations, and non government organizations that function in the District;
  • representing local NGOs during monthly coordination meetings with international organizations and NGOs in Kulyab region;
  • conduction of meetings with public organizations at District level to study the position of public organizations in the District and provide assistance in addressing of problems and develop future cooperation with local authorities of the District;
  • present partners’ activities during meetings with representatives of donors’ organization.


Planned activities

  • awareness raising of society on the activity of local authorities, NGOs and INGOs and donors;
  • assist implementation of development plans and strategy in the District;
  • assist international organizations and local non government organizations in arranging of meetings, trainings and other events in the District;
  • arrange meetings, round tables and experience sharing between local NGOs;
  • assist local authorities, local non government organizations in communication with donors;
  • assist local non government organizations in addressing their issues;
  • monitor local NGOs, members of Association.
  • join other local non government organizations to the Association;
  • reestablish communication between local non government organizations and donors and other non government organizations at national level through uniting local non government organizations of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • cooperate with National Associations of NGOs of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • assist public organization in finding donors;
  • establish information database on public organizations of the District;
  • establish volunteers’ schools;
  • assist to government and non government organizations in access to Internet.


Donors and partners

  • European Union
  • IFAD
  • Local authority of Muminobod District
  • Local authorities (Jamoats)
  • Local state agencies of Muminobod District
  • Local Development Committee of Muminobod District
  • Local NGOs working in Muminobod District
  • Public Support Center “Shahrvand”


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