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Public organization “Chashma”

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Name of the organization

Public organization “Chashma”

Geographic focus

Khatlon Oblast, Kurgan Tyube Retion, Shaartuz, Kubodiyon, Nosiri Khusrav, Pyanj, Jilikul and Qumsangir Districts

Mission of the organization

Assist in poverty reduction and community development in the region.

Area of activities

Social economy and educational.



Not available



Ms. Sanovbar Imomnazarova


address, tel. number, e-mail

Shaartuz District, Rudaki Street 24, mobile: 93 500 35 15; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Brief description of the organization and services offered



PO “Chashma” is functioning from September 1998 on the territory of Khatlon Oblast. Since its establishment more than 32 small and large educational and social projects implemented to create temporary and permanent jobs. Trainings and seminars to raise awareness on legal issues, gender, conflict and violence, creation and development of leadership skills and others were conducted. Target group: women and children, employers, individuals, victims of violence.


Provide educational and consultation services.


  1. Implemented
  2. Ongoing
  3. Planned


The list of implemented projects is attached;


  1. Establishment of Rehabilitation Center for women женщин (Global Women Fund), Shaartuz;
  2. Trainings on Border trade and meeting with entrepreneurs. BT Kabadiyon, Shaartuz and N. Khusrav.
  3. HIV / AIDS prevention among migrant workers and their families. (OIM) Kabadiyon.


Establishment of self help groups in Kh. Kholmatov Jamoat of Shaartuz District;

Enhancement of Rehabilitation Center activity.

Work on establishment of Parents and Teacher Associations.

Donors and partners


IOM, Center “Development of Border Trade Khatlon Oblast”, Global Women Fund


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