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Public organization “Sudmand

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Name of the organization

Public organization “Sudmand”

Geographic focus

Kulyab city

Mission of the organization


Implementation of socio economic activities, including projects to reduce poverty and increase mobilization of population in addressing of immediate issues.

Area of activities


- poverty alleviation

-assist in addressing of immediate issues of population, including:

a) social  sector

b) health;

c) education

d) culture;

e) economy;

f) commerce and others



Not available


Mr. Tolibjon Saidaliev


address, tel. number, e-mail


Republic of Tajikistan, Kulyab city, Kombrig Tomin Street 7

phone:  +(3322) 3-36-90 (work),   95-152-76-21, 907-92-93-34, 919-43-87-38 (mobile)

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Brief description of the organization and services offered



Public organization “Sudmand” charitable, humanitarian, private, non-profit organization, established and registered in June 1999, and reregistered in May 2007 in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan.

To achieve its main goal the organization addresses the following tasks:

- poverty reduction

-assistance in addressing of immediate issues of population including:

a) social  sector

b) health;

c) education

d) culture;

e) economy;

f) commerce and others

- assistance in community health care including pharmaceutical activities;

-assistance in support of entrepreneurship in agriculture (dehkan farms and others);

-assistance in economic development in close collaboration with state agencies, international organizations, entrepreneurs structures and other public organizations to reduce poverty;

- assistance in provision of jobs for local population, including establishment of sewing centers, workshops and crafts and ect.;

-conducting of meetings, round tables, conferences and seminars to all level of population (intellectuals, workers and others);

- assist in the analysis and formulation of proposals, amendments of certain laws that protect the interests of children, disabled and poor families;
- assist persons affected by natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances;
-prevention of transmission of diseases, sexually transmitted, HIV/AIDS, protection of maternal and child health by improving of medical education of society, family planning;

-Providing financial and technical assistance, rehabilitation of schools, hospitals, research institutions, social service center, as well as rehabilitation and construction houses, bridges and roads;

-Implementation of other activities that do not contradict with existing law of the Republic of Tajikistan.


  1. Implemented
  2. Ongoing
  3. Planned


In accordance with its policy and program organization has implemented the following:

-provided humanitarian assistant to more than 15 000 disabled children and poor people;

-from February up to June 2001 worked on project “Ties of Friendship” to prevent inter-regional conflicts, organized and conducted Youth Festival of Friendship of Kulyab and Badakhshan regions.

-from June 2001 started implementation of project on Establishment of Young Leaders’ Club in Kulyab city.

- from December 2003 up to March 2004 worked on the project “Your Health in Your Hands” . Through implementation of this project Drug Information Center was established under Kulyab Medical College.

- from June 2004 started implementation of project on institutional development of NGOs.

- from March up to May 2005 worked on the program “Street Selection”. This program focuses on training programs for prevention of risky behavior of teenagers in Kulyab District.

-from October 2005 up to June 2006 worked on the project “Youth Against HIV”. This program covered the work of HIV prevention and drug abuse among youth of Kulyab District.

Since September 2006 we are working on the project "We are able to protect ourselves from AIDS" funded by CARHAP program.

This program covers the work of HIV prevention among injecting drug users and sex workers in Kulyab city.

-from October 2007 jointly with partnership with PSI the Youth Center “Youth Power” on the program for “Prevention of HIV and Drug Use amongst youth aging 15-24 years in four Central Asian countries”.

-since January 2008 we work on the program “Stop AIDS together” financed by CARHAP and DFID.

Currently the organization is a program to Women's Support Center, financed by AIDS Foundation East West, and the UN Global Fund.

Donors and partners

DFID, UNDP, AFEW, local government and non-government organization, local entrepreneurs


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