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Public organization Children Ecological Center “Pairoha”

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Name of the organization

Public organization Children Ecological Center “Pairoha”

Geographic focus

Khatlon Oblast, Districts: Jomi, Bokhtar, Vakhsh, Rumi and Kurgan Tyube city

Mission of the organization


The main goal of the organization is addressing socially important and useful issues among the orphans, poor, hard-raising and neglected children through creative potential of teachers and youth, environmental education and multiplication of children's knowledge on environment. Protection and realization of children’s rights, educating of children in rational use of natural resources and environmental protection, social support for orphans and poor families.

Area of activities

Environmental education, social support, provision of pedagogical and psychological assistance, protection of children’s rights.



Not available



Mr. Rajabov Saifullo Ibodovich


address, tel. number, e-mail


Jomi District, Jamoat Kuibishev, Somoni Street 6

+ 992 93 5040290

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Brief description of the organization and services offered



Public organization Children Ecological Center “Pairoha” is established in 1998 under NGO “Zumrad” of the Republic of Tajikistan. The organization was registered on 30 August 2005 under No. 52 in the Legal Department of Khatlon Oblast.

Target groups of the organization are – orphans, poor families, teachers, youth and parents.

Services –training, education, organization of summer camps, expeditions, seminars, competitions, festivals and social support of children


  1. Implemented
  2. Ongoing
  3. Planned


Implemented projects:

- 2002-2003, Strengthening NGOs in regions, supported by ISAR, environmental education of children, conducting of actions on tree planting campaign.

- 1998 up to March 2010 “School of Life” supported by ACT Central Asia, educational program, environmental education, conduction of summer camps and expeditions.

- 2006-2009 Pilot project supported by UNICEF, social support of orphans. Training programs, conduction of trainings, training of social workers, conducting of festivals.

- 2006-2011 “Integration of Children and Youth of the Republic of Tajikistan” Project supported by CARITAS Germany. Educational programs, sewing workshop, driver cources for youth, preparation of social trainers from teachers, conduction of seminars and summer camps.

- 09.2009-04.2010 organization of the puppet theatre and performance on children’s rights supported by the Embassy of USA.

Donors and partners


ISAR, ACT Central Asia, CARITAS Germany, UNICEF,  Embassy of USA


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